Types of Prosthetic Eyes

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prosthetic eyes

The most common type of prosthetic eye is the ocular prosthesis, which fits over the orbital implant. It fits under the eyelid and replaces an eye that is missing due to evisceration or enucleation. There are two main types of prosthetic eyes. One is an ocular implant, which is inserted underneath the eyelid to cover an empty socket. A similar type of prosthesis is the iridium-enucleation-replacement ocular ring, which sits on top of the eyelid.

The Most Common Type of Prosthetic Eye is The Ocular Prosthesis

The iris in a prosthetic eye is made of a synthetic material. The scleral shell is a silicone mold made from acrylic. A clear dome magnifies the anatomical features of the eye. The iris is hand painted with dry pigments. The sclera is also replicated. The clear acrylic dome emphasizes detail and enhances the natural texture of the iris. It is best to remove the prosthesis at least twice a year in order to ensure that the eye does not fall out.

A silicone eye implant is a lightweight, plastic implant. The silicone eye implant is attached to the socket using a thin plastic tube. This device is covered with a pressure patch that is attached to the lid. It should remain dry for a week. The prosthetic eye is then removed during the first post-operative visit. It is important to maintain regular vision care to maintain the prosthetic eye’s function and appearance. When looking for the best type of eye for your needs, it is important to consider your lifestyle and budget.