Accountability Hack 2015

November 21-22 2015

National Audit Office, London

Now in it’s fifth year, Accountability Hack is a two day event bringing together the UK’s civic tech community to connect people with Parliament and democracy. We also want to improve accountability and public sector data.

For the first time, we're also running a pre-event session to get to know the other participants and start discussing ideas.

Photo credit: Dave Pearce

Interested in how Parliament works; how public sector expenditure is audited; or the key statistics generated by the public sector? Then come to #AccHack15.

So are you an armchair auditor? Keen on Parliamentary processes? Use lots of public sector data? Then this is the event for you. With the added bonus of staying in NAO building overnight, if you want.

There event will form part of Parliament Week. As last year we will aim to run a follow up event during office hours to show people who could not make the weekend Show and Tell what happened.


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Below is a list of relevant open data sets. This list is for inspiration, and using this data is not a requirement unless specifically stated in the challenges above. Click for more.


National Audit Office


Victoria Station

District Circle Victoria


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11 211 C10 C239

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